Go on a treasure hunt - Garage sale

Winter is here..Everyone cranking up their heat pumps, snuggle under warm woollen blankets, sipping on hot green tea or pumpkin soup and try get through the cold, wet and windy wellington weather. Of all things, this is not the best time to think about garage sales. However, it's great time to take stock of the overflowing closets or garages, and plan for a 'Garage Sale'

Clean and declutter

At home, a great way to start the new season is with spring cleaning. Get rid of leaves clogging the gutters, dirt or mould on the windows and water blast the deck, concrete patio and the fence. Some might even get on with outdoor painting projects and give an all around fresh look to the place.

While you are on it, it's best to declutter the cupboards, closets and garage, where all year's treasures got buried and forgotten. Decluttering clears up precious storage space, keep things organised and easy to find when it need it the most.

Preparing for a garage sale

One way to incentivise the effort is to put together a well planned garage sale. Take your time - weeks in advance you can design and prepare and plan for a garage sale. Think like a boutique shop owner.

Arrange books, clothes, electronics, CDs and other things on display in such a way that it's easy to flip through, each item categorised and labelled properly. Put your creativity in full display - you could do a theme, decorate the drive way and entrance according to the theme. Play some soft music, hang in fancy decors, balloons or LED lights.

Also, it's great time for the kids to get involved and try out their social, selling skills. They could invite their friend to join to make it more fun. Run a competition between them, making them in-charge of certain part of the experience. Put up a lemonade stand in the side. You get the idea.

Show me the money

While it's a great decluttering, recycling and community engagement opportunity, its even sweeter to make some money of such effort. It helps kids to earn some pocket money as well.

To get maximum value off it, a bit of advertisement might help. Promote the upcoming garage sale well in advance in as many platforms as possible. Sure putting up a few pictures of the upcoming sale grabs decent attention on Facebook or Neighbourly. Its still a fire and pray scheme, as these platforms spread the message out to as many people as possible but with no guarantee those are potential buyers in your local community. No one would drive 40 minutes across the Remutaka's from Greytown, to get an item put up for sale in Totara Park.

Hold on

The good news is - If you are in Upper Hutt, planning an upcoming garage sale, you might be in luck. Our local community market place mobile app is ready for you to advertise garage sale. It's specific to users in local community who can just walk from their home, browse and buy from you. Email us on admin@commkit.co.nz to register your interest.

With some thought and preparation, garage sale could be fun family event. It helps recycle goods that are just collecting dust, declutter the storage spaces and put some money back in your pocket. All that while you having fun with the family, helping kids learn a thing or two about sales, marketing and social interaction.