How pursuing you passion can lead to greater good?

Find Your Passion And It's No Longer Work !!

We all have this thought once in a while - 'What if I can just make enough money doing what I love'.

You tend to imagine a happier you. You becoming your own boss. Life is less stressful and every day becomes a blessing.

But then our reality kicks in - 'It's not possible'

You would reason yourself with many things like

1. I'm not good enough yet.

2. It's really hard

3. I don't want to risk what I already made.

and so on.

Within the constraints modern life and society put around, we manage to figure out a path that seems to provide for the family and keep us afloat. We are comfortable within the confines of modern-day economic slavery and carefully plan our lives to keep it going.

In a post-pandemic society, we are at crossroads to decide whether to continue to follow the economic philosophy of post-world war society or forge our way ahead with a new economic and social fabric that includes the interests of future generations and our planet.

With ongoing automation, breakneck speed innovation, and globalized business processes greatly reducing the need for human labor in most western countries, governments are already struggling with options to keep up with the post-industrial age uptick in prosperity and wealth.

In our households, the dependency on jobs that are just a cog in the globalized machinery might lead to unpredictable challenges.

So now the what-if

In near future, the most meaningful work one could do with their skill, talent, or expertise would be the most sought-after product or service in our communities. It's called the 'Passion Economy'.

When you pursue your passion in a sensible, sustainable, and profitable way - It helps build a unique business value that no level of automation, business consolidation, or outsourcing could replicate. These are called 'Passion businesses'.

It's building a safety net for your future. In doing so, you explore your passion to the fullest, delivering so much value for your local economy.

Let's list some of the possible outcomes

1. With locally made products, dependency on foreign imports can reduce, providing a self-sustaining, low carbon footprint, high-value economy.

2. Local fresh produce provides high nutrition, healthy alternative for the centrally sourced ones from hand ful of super markets.

3. Better chance of getting custom-made, fit-for-purpose solutions to problems that are unique to our communities.

4. Profits from all the trade within the community stay longer in the local community, creating more value in the long run for the entire economy.

Our future survival and well being depends on our ability to add unique value to our local community. What could you do?