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Founded in 2020 by local entrepreneur, Giri Prashanth, CommKit is short for ‘Community Kitchen’ and was born from seeing local produce, such as lemons, going to waste within the community. Hence the lemons in the CommKit logo!
Today CommKit has grown into an online, supportive community app made up of passionate local producers that offer a variety of richley authentic products and services, native to the Hutt Valley. Built and run out of a love for our community, CommKit has made it possible to support local, for everything you need.

We’re passionate about supporting local.

Here’s why:

  • 1. It helps the local economy; every $1 spent locally creates 2.7 times more value.
  • 2. It increases interaction among neighbours, helping to build trust and effectively building a safer community to live in.
  • 3. It benefits the environment and decreases the need for as much plastic used in shipping.
  • 4. It supports locals to leverage their passion projects, skills, talents and experiences. It creates a financial safety net for their families and a happier, healthier outlook on life.

Today, CommKit is a growing community with a range of authentic foods, goods, and services. Together the individuals that make up the CommKit community help build stronger ties within the local region, and create a great experience for everyone involved!

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Giri Prashanth, Founder

Giri Prashanth is an entrepreneur and engineer, based in Upper Hutt.
With over 20 years of experience building IT solutions, he is passionate about creating innovative ways to solve everyday problems and bridging the gap of technology inequality.
Founder and Director of Genibyte Solutions, Giri helps to build fit-for-purpose, best-in-class IT solutions for SMEś, communities and local households. He focuses mainly on product/business development, sales, marketing and customer acquisition.
Giri has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication from the University of Madras. He also is a supporter of local farmers market - Koro’s Market, Vice President to local taskmaster chapter, and a FLINT (Future Leader in Tech).

CommKit helps turn passion projects into viable local businesses.The CommKit app, alongside local mentoring and business support, aims to bring our community together to buy, sell and trade locally.

Contact Info

We are locally based in Upper Hutt, Wellington.

To get a hold of our friendly team, please
email: admin@commkit.co.nz
call us on : 0277049011

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We love sharing stories about new local products and services, as well as small business inspiration.

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